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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Best wishes to you and your family Otto. I'm happy that the prognosis looks promising. Dallas is a great place as you probably already know it. Wish I were still living there (sometimes)! Will be praying for your health.


Jul 8, 2010
Good luck Otto. My father and his two brothers and my father in-law have had prostate cancer and all are doing fine. Seems like a right of passage for men these days. Hope things go smoothly for you.


Sep 12, 2011
Dublin ,Ireland
Good luck Otto and keep positive, they are very far advanced in cancer treatment nowadays.My Mum has had cancer three times and pulled through all three.I find the most amazing people in the world are the people who have to deal with this.My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Jan 3, 2011
Forney, TX
Thank you all for the supportive comments, and well wishes. I don't plan on letting this get to me. I will report the results of my meeting with the Oncologist tomorrow.

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Jan 3, 2011
Forney, TX
Well, we had the meeting late yesterday. They are proposing a bit more aggressive treatment plan than I originally thought was going to happen. The concern is to make sure we get any microscopic cells that may be outside the prostate, and aren't showing up in the biopsies, or CT scans. The one core that showed cancer also shows what it called a Perineural invasion which means that the nerve in the prostate has been invaded and could be used as a conduit for the cancer to travel about.

Although my Gleason score is a 6, my PSA a year ago was 30.7, and that is the reason for concern. They did another PSA test while I was there, and the results today came back at 32.9. Not good.

So hear is what they are proposing:

A 4 month dose Lupron injection to stop the creation of testosterone that is feeding the cancer, then 5 weeks of daily radiation therapy with the radiation seed surgery on April 3rd. I guess I'm going to be busy for awhile. I had the Lupron injection this morning.

Anyway, the prognosis looks good, but only time will tell. I would like to again thank you all for your support, and kind words, but would like to ask BBW to close this thread so we can get back to happier discussions about photography and gear. If something drastic happens during all of this, I will make sure you're all aware.

I might add that if you're a man please get tested as there is an 80% chance of contracting Prostate Cancer, and the earlier it is found, the better chance of a successful treatment.

Again, thanks for being here for me,


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Otto, thank you so much for being so thoughtful to share with everyone what's going on. Your generosity in telling your story may well end up helping others who are reading.

I'll close the thread and you'll know that we are all on your side 100%. No doubt you'll hear from some members directly.

It sounds to me as though you are getting good forward thinking treatment. I know we are all very glad to hear that the prognosis is, indeed, good.

Back to photography and to your car restoration project while the treatments go on. You know we all want you to make a book about the restoration!

Again, many thanks and we're with you all the way, Otto.
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