Fuji Exposure preview does not change from f1.4 to f1.6


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Hi all! Long time reader and occassional poster here looking for help.

I have the X-T2 combined with the 23mm f1.4 (latest firmware on both), and I've just noticed this very small quirk.

In full manual mode (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) with exposure preview on, moving the aperture between f1.4 and f1.6 results in no change in the live view exposure, even though I can see the meter change by 1/3 a stop, and the final images from each show a difference.

When I move the aperture to A in a way that forces a value of f1.4, I can see that the preview is brighter than when I set it to f1.4, which tells me f1.4 is incorrectly showing me the exposure for f1.6, and not the other way around.

Other 1/3-stop transitions in the entire range properly show a change in the exposure preview, as I would expect.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this normal? I can't tell whether it's for this particular combo only, since the X-T2 is my only ILC body and the 23mm is my only f1.4 lens.

Thanks in advance!


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Never noticed anything like it on the XT1 with that lens (or any other lens). COULD have happened and I didn't notice, but I suspect I would've - that's how I shoot almost exclusively. Sorry I can't help.

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