Apple External SSD failure

Only had a Mac for a year and still have Windows PC for work, and the wife has hers for her work too.
I have a Crucial X8 SSD, formatted as ExFat (as I use Windows too).
Was working all OK, and then it was not. Tried various Mac repair type work, but to no avail.
Plugged it into Windows PC and it came up with an error. Run the repair and all was good. Plugged back into Mac and I can read and write to the SSD. However when I try to eject, ( and it is no longer showing on Mac Desktop) or shutting down Mac and then unplugging, when I try to use it on Mac again (or PC) it is not working and I need to do the PC repair item above.
I have other backups so not going to loose data but it is a 4TB drive and I want to keeping using it.

Mac First Aid seems to bomb out after/during checking file system hierarchy. It says cluster chain for a file has too few clusters for its size.

Should I bite the bullet and just re-format the SSD or is there something else I can do?

Many thanks for any help.
I would reformat a try again if you are not going to lose data.
Maybe other would know of a repair software that could copy are replace after repair...
Format as NTFS and use on your Windows boxes.

Even with an SSD, NTFS may be more recoverable than exFAT, which isn't a recoverable file system.

As already suggested, try the diagnostics from the specific manufacturer, Crucial.
They will know more about their devices than anyone else.

If it's at all flaky, toss it! Painful as that might be, losing 4 TB of data is much worse.

It could be that there is an incompatibility with it and Apple.
I had (have) a crucial SSD that did that. It was a boot drive and just died one day after about 5 years of usage.

Doing a little digging on crucial's website, there was some discussion that this particular drive would last about 5 years in that capacity.

Oh well, I thought and replaced it with a Samsung.

I plugged the crucial in my handy dandy USB adapter, and lo and behold, Windows found it and asked me if I wanted to format it.

So I did and have been using it for several years as data drive. I back all my data up to a NAS, so while it would be a pain, it wouldn't be catestrophic if the drive died.

Dunno if that helps or hurts..