Samsung Eyecup for Samsung EVF-10


Hi all

Has anyone been able to find an eye cup for the EVF-10 Electronic viewfinder???

If so could they point me in the right direction

Can NOT find one Ebay or elsewhere

Cheers for Years


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i need an answer too. I have an NX100 with EVF-10, in condition of high and angled light i can't see nothin' through the viewfinder. Need a solution, i don't think we can arrange in any way a canon's eyecup.


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My solution would be to order a package of Sugru, make an eyecup yourself, and use the rest of it to make a grip for the camera, or fix things around the house. I'm quite enthusiastic about the stuff, by the way, and propose it as a solution for pretty much anything :p

Mind you, whether it looks anywhere near as polished as the OEM part depends very much on your level of handiness and the amount of thought you put into it...
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