Facades in the sunlight

Facades OM 18.jpg
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OM Zuiko 50mm F1.8
That lens seems to produce a pretty nice image, Tim.
How are you finding it in use?
Generally fine, I’ve done two posts on it in the adapted Lenses thread. On the minus side, the worst I can say is that images shot wide open at dark and at distance without a slowed shutter are not the best, not a problem in the great scheme of things and can be overcome applying some
practical nous. But that’s it for the minuses, all outweighed by the pluses. Close focused images shot wide open in the same night conditions are great and for anyone that likes bokeh either during the day or night, the images to me are very pleasing. In daylight, all images rendered are extremely nice. No problem recommending it, particularly as a first lens for someone getting into it for the first time as well as long time users. For anyone who likes adapting lenses, this one has to go in the box with the Takumar, Nikkor, Minoltas etc. For me as someone who doesn’t really judge a lens on just sharpness alone, these OM Zuikos generally render nicer images than their newer m43 counterparts as this thing about “Olympus Colours” from what I’ve seen is real. Not a fact, just my biased subjective opinion/ experience of course but mentioned here as it’s relevant to my favourable opinion of the lens.