Fuji Face-detect autofocus performance: X-T1 vs X100T


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Hi everyone,

I've had an X100S for a while that I really enjoy, but it would be more useful to me if it had face-detect autofocus, primarily because I take pictures of, wait for it, people. So, I'm thinking of grabbing a newer model that does have it. What I'm wondering is, if I were to equip the X-T1 with one of the more rapidly focusing lenses, is there any appreciable difference in the face-detect autofocus performance between the X-T1 and X100T? Actually, in addition to that, if you find the other focus modes present on the X-T1 (and not on the X100T) particularly useful for people shots, especially, of, say, four-year-olds who might be playing in your living room or backyard, that would be helpful to know, too.

I understand that it's unlikely anyone's done a highly controlled test of this, but even impressions from extended use of both cameras would be useful. Thank you all in advance for your help!



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The X-T1 has firmware 4 FD, the X100T didn't get an upgrade (yet).

Thanks for the reply, Rico. So, I know people are happy with FW 4, but does that mean there's a noticeable difference between their implementations in practice? Also, is the X100T going to get the FW 4 upgrade for sure? I seem to recall seeing speculation that it would, but hadn't read anything more definite than that.


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I have no information about any firmware upgrades for the X100T. One can hope that there will be an upgrade, but buying based on hope ain't smart.

As you probably know from the marketing materials, FD has been improved in FW 4, with eye-detection and better performance.


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First of all, Derek, a warm welcome to our little Fuji-flavoured corner of t'internet. As to your question, I feel in the X100T and the X-T1 you are comparing apples and avocados. The X-T1 is not only a more capable machine, it also opens the door to a range of exceptional lenses suited to portraiture. Furthermore, Rico is right re firmware - hope is not a strategy.

Finally, I would just make the point that you don't actually need face- or eye-focus for portraiture. All you need is a camera and a lens - in this case the venerable X-Pro 1 and the razor-sharp 90mm, and a suitable subject...

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True, one doesn't even need autofocus, as many happy users of adapted lenses will confirm. OTOH, AF and FD are pretty practical, and I use eye-detection all the time, as it frees me from repositioning the AF frame. So it's a great help IF IT WORKS, and it certainly works better with firmware 4.


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Hi all,

Thank you for the replies, and for the welcome. @Rico, that last phrase is the one I was looking for ("...and it certainly works better with firmware 4."). And I'm well aware of the differences between the X100 series and the X-T1, and that face-detect AF isn't needed for portraiture, or any other kind of image making, for that matter. :) However, if it's well implemented, like it is on my Nikon 1 V2, then my hit rate goes up substantially when taking pictures of my four-year-old, in particular, because those photo moments are so fleeting. I just find the images from my X100s much more compelling than those from my Nikon, so I was hoping to have my cake and eat it, too. And interchangeable lenses are fun, but I find I can get by with very little in the way of lenses for my photography. Hence my choice of cameras to compare.

@Lightmancer, nice use of blue in that portrait.

Thanks again, everyone.


Bear with me for a little bit off-topic, I found that the X-T10 face detection is really bad. Most of the time the eyes are out of focus, and I am talking about in good constant lighting in a studio. I have to disable the face-detection and I am able to get sharp pictures as I expected. My 3-years-old E-M5 has no such behavior, and my A7 is better too (not as good as E-M5 though)

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