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So, I'm not "active" on Facebook. I only signed up so that I could manage the store's Facebook page. But one day I saw a 3D photo on there....and then found a way to "3-Dize" my own 2D photos and I'm kinda hooked. But it seems like when I download them, they are suddenly just a static 2D photo...and I can't "wiggle it around" to see the 3D effect.

Does anyone know if perhaps I just need a different photo viewing software or does their 3D-izing effect require using their platform to view the photo?

Also, I assume there is other software that can do the same thing. Anyone have any experience playing around with turning regular 2D photos into 3D photos?

I've attached a photo of our dog Charlie that has been 3Dized, but it lacks the lenticular-like "wiggleability" that is has when viewed on Facebook.

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