Zemun, Serbia
as a relative newbie here I'm not sure where I should post this. If I chose a wrong place, would administrators kindly move it where it should be?

Anyway, I wanted to share a "fakescape" with you, an image that keeps looking to me as a melancholic view of a distant island:

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In fact, it's just a closer composition of this dirty toilet window, the one where wooden structure assumed the role of a land on the horizon. I didn't do it deliberately at the time, but was amused by unexpected result afterwards.

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Newcastle, Australia
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Interesting concept. I wonder if others have managed to produce an accidental landscape from something unrelated. There was/is a group on redbubble which seeks out art in old and rusty stuff, amazing images come from that at times.


betwixt and between
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Milan, these are great - not just because they're "fakescapes" but because they're thought provoking and I can definitely see your graphic design and illustration background. I like the idea of what one sees as being a different view of "reality". I am looking forward to making my way through your Flickrstream. By the way, please consider adding your photographic websites to your "signature line"...you can find out how to do that by accessing your "Settings" up on the upper right hand corner.

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