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I am pretty sure that white is not supposed to be one of the fall colors. Woke up to about 12" of snow this morning. This was actually very destructive because the leaves were still on the trees. All of the following are taken within about 200 feet of my house. All taken with an LX-5 at 24mm... I was meaning to get out and get some fall color this weekend...

That's my house on the right. To the left is the driveway. More on that later... Four shot portrait-oriented panorama

You can just see the house behind these trees. there are actually two rather large limbs broken in this mess and it took me about two hours with the chainsaw to clear it...


Beautiful shots. Well captured with the LX5. Can't believe you guys have snow so soon. It just seems like yesterday it was last winter, where did the summer go? The thought of cold dark mornings and nights of winter quite depress me, but your photos remind me of the beauty that can also be enjoyed at this time. Thanks for sharing.


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I'm going to cast my lot with the backlit version, flysurfer, though the sepia monochrome has a nostalgic "western" feel to me that makes me feel as though I should be on horseback...riding through that gorgeous countryside.:drinks:

woof, I feel for you with that latest storm we had here - though you up in Connecticut certainly got hit a lot harder than we did in lower Westchester County in New York. Hope you didn't lose any trees!

Will - you're lucky not to have snow yet! It's good to see the leaves strewn over the earth with the green grass still holding its own.:th_salute:

Apollo T.

A different area of the same park 2 days later. I had gone looking for the fog reported for that park. It was more of a mist that washed out all colors most of the day; then it burned off. The sky was heavily overcast the whole day. It was like a dingy bedsheet. SOOC w/ minor crop
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