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I have started to upload some images that I took during a two week trip to Europe last June into my (only) gallery here. I used the Olympus E-P2 with the Carl Zeiss 45/2 as my portrait lens or maybe as my tele lens for some close-ups, in addition to the M9 with the pre-asph 35/1.4 Lux as my main lens during the trip. My emphasis was my family, and I tried to capture the places that we visited, with them in the photos.

Our round tip took us from Tegel Airport (Berlin) by rental car to Heiligenhafen (Germany), followed by a ferry to Denmark, on the road to Copenhagen where we stayed 4 nights. It was mostly very nice weather, but then it rained. We met up with an internet friend r David for a brief meeting in Copenhagen, and we chatted about things he was doing in his life and things about us. It was a nice brief gathering. My wife took one (unsharp) photo of us! Anyways, here it is:


Then David took a photo of us, and he did better:


Here are some of the images from Copenhagen:





As I said above, the rest is posted in my gallery here each day.

The trip went well, even though our rental car was broken into, and my M9 in the end had a sensor problem that resulted in only half of each image being shown, but the trip was a success overall for us. We had a great time together as a family, and we experienced wonderful places.

After Copenhagen, we drove to Oslo (Norway), via Sweden. We stayed four nights in Oslo. The weather was mixed between rain and no rain, but we had fun anyways. Oslo is a beautiful city with many places to visit and enjoy there. The girls had gelato or ice cream every day more than once. It is a trip after all. After Oslo, we drove north a little to Aurland, where the fjord country starts. We stayed only one night there, but I just wanted to give y family some taste of fjords and ice and lakes. The drive itself was the highlight of the brief trip to Aurland. The scenery there was awesome. If we had any extra time, we would have taken the fjord tours for sure (which I have done in the past).



Then we drove from Aurland down to the southern tip of Norway that has ferries to Denmark. I took this drive to avoid driving back the same route. We stayed at Langesund Bath, which had an old hotel from 1800's. The hotel manager was a past member of PM in Norway, and we had long chats about Iraq ... etc.

The next day, we took a 4 hour ferry trip back to Denmark, and we drove to the second largest city in Denmark (Aarhus).


We met with Fred (internet friend) and his wife and baby the next morning. Fred was very helpful with guiding us around Aarhus to find the main police office and then to find the Hertz rental car office. The hotel receptionists ignored my mentioning of the car break-in. Thank you Fred.



Then we drove to Frankfurt (an der Oder) which is not "the Frankfurt" we usually hear about (at the River Main).


The small city is across from the city Slubice (Poland), We stayed three days in Frankfurt. I gave two one hour long talks there, and it was quite informative to me to see some new research on spatial studies on CO2 and on wind speed in Germany for wind mills.

Then we drove to Berlin for our last night in Europe for this trip. We met up with Nezih, my middle school buddy from my time in Germany. It was 47 years since our last meeting! We exchanged news and had a great tasting dinner at his home.
Anyways, this was our Europe trip in a nutshell. Photos will follow.






Gallery: https://www.leicaplace.com/album.php?albumid=82


Thank you Brain!
I am quite creative when it comes to planning a vacation with the family.
I started a week ago to plan with Rasha next year's vacation!


The girls have grown so much since last year!

Sounds like a great trip- what else do you do for a vacation when you live at the Beach!


Thank you Christilou.
Lina and Dana had by pure chance worn such colored shirts, while the ocean had same color.
Copenhagen was very cozy and comfy for us.
The girls loved Tivoli with its hundreds of games and rides. We stayed at a hotel where everything was organic.
Their breakfast buffet was awesome.


Thank you, Amin.

We drove from Oslo to Aurland, where beautiful fjords start in Norway. It was cold and it was raining quite a lot during this part of the drive. I covered up my EP2 and Zeiss 45/2, and I took a few shots quickly.







I was then thinking "what if the car stops or has a flat tire or ...?" while we had no phone with us for calling the police or Hertz. Next time, I will make sure to have with me a phone that works in Europe. I have a small phone that I bought in Egypt, and I think that it accepts cards from Europe so that we have a phone for emergency cases. There were times when there were no cars around at all, and it was not so comfortable.

The Zeiss 45/2 was great here. I needed a short tele for cropping out the street and "stuff" that was blocking the views. The 45mm length on a M 4/3 was great.

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