Faststone Image Viewer major update.


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Bill Shinnick
Although I own PS CS5 and LR3 I still use Faststone Image Viewer for quick image review and manipulation. After about 9 months it has received a MAJOR upgrade to Ver. 4.3 with significant new editing tools. From the website:

Version 4.3 (January 14, 2011)
Added Clone Stamp and Healing Brush
Added "Auto-Adjust Colors" to Colors menu. THANKS to Andras Horvath:
Added "Adjust Lighting" to lighten or darken shadows and highlights
Added "Adjust Levels"
Added "Adjust Curves"
Added USM (Unsharp Mask) option to Sharpen/Blur
Added Sketch and Oil Painting effects
Added outward-pointing tails to text objects in Draw Board
Now images in Slide Show Builder, Multi-page File Builder, Image Strip Builder and Email list can be drag-and-dropped to rearrange the order
Supported EPS format by displaying the preview image
Updated the RAW format library. Sony SR2 raw format is supported
Improved memory management to handle larger images
Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Download and try it and yes make a donation if you like it. :D:D:D