Father's Day...chair?


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My daughter, bless her heart, knows that there's no place to sit where I shoot. I end up sitting on the ground, or if it's wet or damp I just stand. Last Sunday I was there 7 hours and the only time I sat down was when I went to the concession stand for a burger. It's hot, no trees until late in the afternoon when an old oak shades the east side of the track.

This photo was from a track testing/break in day before the track reopened. I shoot along in the vicinity of the redlines, on both sides of the track. In fact, that's me in the circle on the right side.


I had mentioned in passing that I'd like to find a small, lightweight chair, kind of like a camp stool but with a way to rest my back so I have a place to sit during downtimes, crashes, etc. She found this on Amazon. Not cheap, and maybe a bit too heavy for backpacking, but for this application it's perfect. It sets up and tears down very quickly and will fit in just about any tripod pocket or strap setup. It's comfortable too, and is rated at 300lbs. I haven't had the chance to check it out on site yet, but very promising so far.

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