Fuji Favorite Fuji X 1C1L walkabout?

Just curious for those of you Fuji shooters who favor a one body one lens setup for generic walkabout regardless or genre. Not particularly for travel as that opens up a different set of criteria. I've tried several combinations but they keep changing over time. So if you had to select your favorite Fuji X pairing for walking around your local area, what would it be?

For the lens, it really would depend on the mood I am in for shooting. And which gear I have as I am currently rotating through lenses figuring out which is my absolute favorites. To build my ultimate minimalist kit of one body and no more than 2-3 lenses. The body would be a X-T3. For a walkabout lens it would be either the 16mm 1.4, 23mm 1.4 wr, 33mm 1.4, or 50mm f1.
I'd vote for the X100V but I sold that one and it's not an ILC. Follow up would be my X-Pro3 with the 23mm f2 for a weather resistent all-purpose setup, which isn't too heavy nor too bulky.

Since the question is in regards to all existing, even though not necessarily owned gear, I might be tempted to switch the X-Pro3 against an X-E4 - however that camera isn't weather sealed. I'd keep the 23 f2 though, I know the 27 is much more compact, but for my use the 23 might be more versatile.
I like the X-Pro2 with either the 23 f/1.4 or 35 f/1.4. I suspect my ideal lens would be a 27 f/1.8. That's when I want a simple system. Point and shoot, no fiddling with settings beyond the exposure triangle.

The alternative is the X-T3 with the 16-80. More futzing with settings, but also more flexibility.
Interesting set of responses, thank you all.

For myself lately it's been the XT3 with the 16-80. For several years prior to that it was the 18-55, but since owning the 16-80 it was always a feeling of excessivness since it wasn't getting used much anymore, so I buckled down and sold it. I also sold some primes I loved but wasn't using, and bought the new version of the 23mm f1.4 which might find itself as a reasonably lightweight travel kit on my XT30-II.

On a recent trip to New Zealand the XT3/16-80 took about 95% of the images a brought back. The remainder were those that required the 70-300. (awesome travel kit BTW).

Sometimes the subject matter dictates what we carry, but there's usually something we come back to for everyday use.
I do agree, that 16-80mm (24-120mm in FF) is great range for travel photography, but imho IQ from XF 16-80/4 is good enough for printing in max 15x23cm @300 dpi (maybe 20x30cm)
If You want to print on larger paper, Tamron 17-70/2.8 has way more resolution (especially in corners) :)