Favorite Type of Case (or not?)


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I've been hunting around for the perfect case for my DP2x... and I still can't decide. I'm curious to know what kind of cases you guys and gals like to use with your enthusiast compacts? I like the pouch that came with camera, but I would like a little more protection since I like to keep my gear looking like new.


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I normally carry my cameras hanging from a wrist strap or sometimes neck/bandolier style. The only time they are in a bag (padded insert) is for storage or transport from point A to B. I do like to use screen protectors to keep the LCD scratch-free and make it a bit easier to clean. I like to minimize bulking up my compact, so I don't do the fitted leather or half case thing.


hard half-case for me.
the dp2 hard case is very thin (but sturdy and attractive); using just the half-case part hardly adds any bulk or weight, but the other part of the case doesn't attach to that bit ... which is annoying to say the least, so I only ever use the half-case part
my E-P2 half-case weighs a ton and is a PITA. never comes off the camera though.

i can't bear to have a camera round my neck, so i usually drape the strap across one shoulder.


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I carry my EX1 in a soft leather zippered case with a little bit of padding. It doesn't add a whole lot of thickness, it follows the shape of the camera so there's no excess, but it'll protect the camera pretty well if I let it slip from my hands, I'm quite confident it wouldn't hurt the camera!


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I have different cases for my compacts. Mostly zippered and only for transport or storage when not in use. The X100 lives in an old neoprene wrap case which was designed for an olympus bridge camera. Its just the right size. But again, only for storage or transport. I don't leave any cases on when cameras are in use. I was tempted by the X100 case until I saw the price, and then decided that style of case wasnt for me anyway.


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Just got the GRD Soft Case, the tops snaps off making it an ever-ready which is how most of my cameras are set up. I am still debating though whether I want it on a neck strap or wrist strap. Also dangle them upside down at times via Black Rapid
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