Sony favs so far

So I have had this camera three days and have been shooting a lot of pics. Thought I would share a few of my favs.

The flower and the flag both show an original and then a color accentuated shot.

The girl is my niece, and although I like the shot, it ended up a bit soft.



Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
Pics are looking good. Are you able to post them a bit larger so we can see them nice and big? It looks as though the NEX has missed focus a couple of times. Just wondering which focus mode you're using, I have mine set for single point focus which normally works quite well :)


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Dave, thanks for posting these but I am with Christilou - please post them larger. You can either attach them in a larger form, upload them to the gallery here or use a website such as Flickr or smugmug, etc. to embed them here. We are on a "need to see" basis here!:wink:

If I'm right and that is your little girl, she's a beauty. And if she's not yours, she is still darling!

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