Advice Wanted FD Lens Adaptor

Gloucester, UK
I recently dug out my old Canon FD lenses including the nifty 50mm. I believe it’s possible to use these on my Oly body with an adaptor.

However I’ve heard horror stories of jammed lenses, poor connectivity, focus problems, etc. when using adaptors.

Please can anyone, from experience, recommend an adaptor preferably available in the UK?

Bob T

Knoxville, TN
First I heard of that, unless it is an Olympus thing.

I've have at least 8 FD lenses that I use on my Panasonic cameras. Got my first one 10+ years ago.
I have several different brands of adaptors from various sources, amazon, ebay, and B&H.
They have been used on all four of my bodies, without any serious issues.
One or two of low cost ones needed some screw tightening, but nothing worse than that.
There is nothing to connect electrically with an FD, so no connectivity issues.
As for focus problems, that usually falls on my weak skills.;)
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I have used an FD adapter on my old Mk5 and no issues. Main problem is focusing. But has not jammed. As previously remarked no contacts so no connectivity. Have not tried it on my OM1 Mk2.