Fuji Featured: 'I love, love, love my 10-24' by Mikey


Louisville, KY
I know quite a few people snagged the awesome deal from Cameraland last week yet I should say that the 10-24 is worth every cent even at full price. Makes for the perfect travel lens for cityscapes and architecture.

Just wanted to share a few photos I snapped these during a recent trip to Chicago. Though I wasn't able to stay an extra day for the Sunday meetup, I still had the pleasure to shoot with Calvin (aka dptcalvin). Awesome, stand up guy. We braved the cold windy weather to shoot the skyline from the Planetarium (second photo below).

As always, C&C's are welcome.

My first night I was set on getting a skyline shot from the Planetarium. Never mind that it was raining and that the wind was blowing very hard. Ruined an umbrella in the process.

Attempt #2 (the day after) -- there was less wind yet Calvin and I were disappointed that there was little to no reflection in the water

Looking up at the Hancock Building

View from the Signature Lounge

Got up early my last day there since my non-photographer friend really wanted to see the sunrise over at the Planetarium (yes, I ended up visiting the Planetarium 3 times over this visit)

Bean (aka Cloud Gate) -- it was still early enough that there were few people there (cloned a couple of people out -- hope it's not too obvious since LR5 still doesn't have the best cloning tool).

Something about this reminded me of a scene from The Walking Dead (with the airplane being the only hint of human presence)

A couple from along the magnificent mile...

A couple on the way to the MegaBus stop near Union Station...



Louisville, KY
Clearly you had a wonderful visual trip!
I sure did. I was at first worried since the weather was horrendous. Glad things started to clear up towards the end of my trip.

Chicago, sigh, I come to mind so many gorgeous memories.

Btw, great pics!
Thanks! Wish I could be as fortunate to live there someday.

Oh yeah, nice job.

Really nice shots
Thanks, Phoenix!

Wow, some great shots here:)
Thanks, Christilou!!

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