Sony Feedback Needed plz =)

First and foremost i appreciate all opinions and insight... my question is I'm deciding on either investing in a Sony NEX-3 or 5 but would like to know what are some of the pros and cons on each if possible but just the ones that would be most noticable of course thanks.

P.S. I'm loving this forum in just the 5 minutes i've been a member lol


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Jason also have a look here and here.

From Digital Versus it is summarised as:
How are the NEX-5 and NEX-3 different?

For the moment, there are just two models in the Sony NEX range: the NEX-3 and NEX-5. At first glance, there looks to be very little difference between them. In fact, it's only when you pick them up and start playing around with them that you start to notice the differences. The NEX-3 is actually slightly taller (the lens mount doesn't overshoot the camera body) and the handle is also much less deep. This in turn makes the camera a bit less easy to grip on to. The finish is also different, as the NEX-3 has a polycarbonate body, whereas the NEX-5 is made from magnesium. That makes for a slight difference in feel but it's nothing drastic. Finally, the on/off button on the NEX-3 is located around the shutter-release button. Otherwise, the NEX-3 is exactly the same as the NEX-5, with the same sensor and the same screen. The only real difference is the video mode, as the NEX-3 films in 720p (MPeg-4) whereas the NEX-5 films in 1080i (AVCHD).​


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Jason, my views on my recently acquired NEX5 are here. On the issue of the kit lens my view is that unless you get a particularly bad copy it is what you expect of a kit lens. To me it is perfectly acceptable. Some thoughts on the issue of sharpness and softness are here.

The only things I would add to my earlier revue are a confirmation of what you will have seen elsewhere regarding the limited battery life. I'm on my fourth recharge and am getting around 250 shots at the moment - not great. My camera set up is not particularly battery intensive either. One of the ways to reduce battery use is to set the power save to the 1 minute. However, this creates one other small problem - there is a noticeable lag, perhaps 1-1.5 seconds - before the camera is ready to shoot again. If you like to take quick grab shots this could be annoying. I don't, so it isn't a problem for me but it is something to be aware of.


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I'm a NEX user (NEX3) along with an Oly EP1 (and a DSLR). I've been using the NEX for about 3 or so months now. The links given in this thread pretty much sum up the pros/cons and experiences of using the NEX in a pretty complete way (and in a much more polite way than at other forums :)

Check out all the threads, and you'll pretty much have a complete picture. If you have any ability to go to a Sony Style store or some such, and hold both, I would recommend that. The ergonomics are pretty different, and the preference of one over the other is fairly personal to each user.

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