Feel Like Spamming the Spammers


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I see a few posts today & unfortunately clicked on one from a spammer

What kind of thought process goes on to make them think they are doing something worthwhile & to their own benefit ?

Or are they just paid to disrupt?

Wish I had the expertise to return spam & hack them off


They're done by machine so no thought required. It costs so little to spam that even a tiny number of clicks can be profitable


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Part of the "revenue in a click" is your ip address showing as "live" for future targeting purposes, I'm afraid. For the same reason never ever click on a link in a spam email, or respond or a spam text or call - you are worth more as a proven living person than as just a speculative target.

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I'm surprised the spammers even get to register... I can't recall, does the site use a CAPTCHA for registering, and, are there any antispam plugins in use? (think of akismet for starters, which has a plugin for forums but not sure about vbulletin)

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