Feeling apathetic !


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Aug 7, 2010
Cheshire UK
I'm another where apathy has hit hard and I post less these days.
Perhaps it's an age thing but I'm looking at 8 cameras in a cabinet from sub-1" to FF and have concluded that in terms of Image Quality the latest gear is no better than that of 2010.
Sure in operation newer camera models improve a bit as processing speed increases adding bells and whistles but the sensors themselves ( especially m4/3) all disappoint me now.
Only Sony's 1 " sensor and Sigma Foveon continue to please.

Perhaps if someone comes out with a good m3/4 sensor with low noise , good DR and better micro contrast coupled with a Fuji-like colour palette my mojo will return.
Until then I'll enjoy using my mobile for day to day shooting


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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
I've been there. Allowing myself to think succumbing to GAS would help only made it worse. I've been shooting more film this past year. I sold some more stuff recently and rolled that over into an old Rollei 35 compact film camera. I've cut my camera gear down from a wall full of stuff I barely used to one good digital camera with a couple of small lenses, and a couple of pocket film cameras. Getting rid of stuff I didn't need helped my thinking a lot. It is hard to get off the buying & selling hamster wheel.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Sadly I only got onto the buying wheel! I just can't seem to bring myself to sell a lot of my cameras. Once bonded, thats it, for me, it seems. I did recently sell my Panny FZ100 which I never liked very much, and my Pentax DA 55-300 which was a good lens, I just never really liked it much. Put the DA15mm Ltd up for sale and withdrew it again within the week. Just cant.

In the meantime, nothing is getting much use, because I'm stuck. For now.


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Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
I'm getting better I think. I've purged most of my gear . I am now down to just 3 cameras.
A Ricoh GRD4, A Ricoh GR. And as of yesterday A Ricoh GR mk2 :biggrin:
And I've almost decided to start my own 365. But because I already take photos every day
I need to specify a subject before I start. I am enthused !
Suggestions anyone ?
Ps. The wifi app for the GRmk2 is so much better than the Sony or Panasonic. I mean It connects straight away every time with no fuss.
I've even tried to confuse it, but it didn't work.
I always struggled with the Sony and Panasonic Apps.
I might actually use this now and again.
I've also ordered a Clearviewer from the States. Ok It is going to look a little steampunk, But It's got to be worth a try.
I shall report back on the Clearviewer at a later date.


Oct 27, 2010
If you search for The Art of Photography on YouTube you can do the photo assignments. There is a new photo assignment every two weeks. I don't have time to do them all, only done a couple. The first one, Variations, was an eye opener to me on how many different photographs you can make out of one subject and never get bored. Months later I'm still inspired to go back to the subject and make new pictures. I've even gone to the effort of printing the pictures and sticking them in a photo journal. My subject - three rusting metal drums in a boat yard.

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