Festival Quartiers danses


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Great images Eric. Are you using the ISO AUTO Min SS ?
I have the 7III and I am trying to use this feature consistently.

Hi Antonio!

Thanks for the Comment!

I have a Sony 7III as well and I love it!

I Set the Camera on Manual
ISO AUTO is Set From 100 - 1600 though Sometimes I need more Light and I'll bump it up to 3200 and 6400 ISO but not more than that...
Shutter Speed I like to Start off at 1/500 to 1/1260 for Indoor Stage Performances...

IMO you can never stick to one setting as the lighting is quite uneven on the stage and it's always unpredictable with the positioning of the performers when they perform of stage...

But yeah to answer your question ISO Auto 100 - 1600 ISO and Shutter 1/500 ... This is the Base for me...
Also... Manual...

If you have any more question please let me know on this thread...


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