News FF D800 finally introduced .. the most compact FF DSLR with 36MP Sensor!

Naveed Akhtar

London, UK
So you pay $300 more for no AA filter?

It says somewhere in the section of Extreme IQ:
Internal sensor design, an enhanced optical low pass filter (OLPF) and 14 bit A/D conversion with a high signal to noise ratio all contribute to a sensor capable of excellent low light ability despite the extreme resolution.
Will wait for the test results from review websites to find the claim.

I am waiting to pay any money for this, depends how well the results will go.

Looks like a beast, clearly aimed at the working photographer/videographer. :thiagree:

Naveed Akhtar

London, UK
+ Highest resol 36MP
+ ISO 50
+ 16-bit processing
+ Enhanced OLPF (optical low pass filter) and 14b A/D
+ further enhance in D800E (removing OLPF, reaching medium format resolution)

+ Fast, energy efficient and feature rich Expeed 3 processor
+ 9 cross sensors (on new 51 point module); fully functional on lenses and teleconverters up to f/8
+ Multi-aspect and modes like 1.2x crop and 1.5x for DX lens support
+ Enhanced Scene recognition 91KP 3d meter-iii with 30k image DB and face recog even in OVF.
+ Above helps all automation tasks: better AF, AE, WB, subject tracking and HDR
+ 1080 30/24p; 29:59 min clip, power Apperture setting in Live view and full exposure control and format control (DX/FX) in full hd.
+ 3.2" bright, tough and High res LCD and Full HD signal streeming to external devices and headphone jack.

+ compact, lightweight, magnisium alloy, dirt and moisture resitant
+ Dual standard memory cards supporting recent UDMA7 and SDXC.
+ USB3 and HDMI
+ 200k shutter cycles

and the specs way better.

Naveed Akhtar

London, UK
Which lenses might meet the resolution of this sensor?

Very good question.

In theory whatever lenses are showing resolution advantage on D3X will give atleast that much advantage to D800 too. But we can be only sure about it after seeing the reviews, I guess. I think some handful of Nikon Primes, or maybe some new announcements, who knows.

One thing important though, its pixel density is same as D7000 APSC chip. That means, if there is any advantage on D7000 from D90 with the DX lenses then, there should be similar impact on D800 from bigger FX lenses.

Even if you set the resolution aspect aside, there are numerous other upgrades and multimedia functionality you will get from the additional asking RRP over D700 :rolleyes:

Naveed Akhtar

London, UK
Pretty amazing, I think. I wonder what will come from Canon in retort.

Antonio, canon just released a new 24-70 f2.8 lens for FF. I am seeing a new compact FF body too, as the lens is smaller than the previous version. Also it is without IS, maybe Canon is getting Sensor shift IS? I know they always said bad things about in body IS, but who knows.


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It is on the Nikon web site, listed at $2,995.

Nikon D800 D-SLR Camera | High Dynamic Range Camera

The D700 is still up, listed at $2,695. I suspect that there will be very few D700 sales until the price drops substantially below $2000.

36MPixels compared with 12MPixels, $300 increase- seems amazing. Low-Light performance? Usually bigger pixels means lower noise.

It has a meter coupling lever for AI'd, AI, and AIS lenses, that makes this thing tempting.

Available for Pre-Order... Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only): Camera & Photo