News FF NEX announcement soon?

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I really love the full frame look and I love smallish cameras. But I don't like TINY cameras with huge lenses. So hopefully the camera body will bigger than the NEX bodies. I would also like to see an integrated viewfinder. I hope it's everything I dream because I would need to sell of my whole m43 kit to afford it. If there's something "not right" about their execution, I'll stay on the sidelines.


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Nov 12, 2010
yup, I'm sure it'll be quite a bit out of my budget (especially since my budget is currently a one-figure number...), but it'd be great news for all the people who appreciate quality photography using smaller cameras, especially since it's sure to push Sony's competitors as well... things I'm hoping for are weather sealing, controls a la Fuji X series / Sony RX1, not-too-large lenses, and maybe a stellar jpeg engine to boot.

[edit] looks like the stellar jpeg engine thing might become reality, according to 43rumors Sony will be getting Olympus' jpeg engine - along with 5-axis IBIS (that'd be on my dream camera too, by the way!) and some other goodies...

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