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Call me late to the party, but I can't stop ogling over this camera, the venerable Konica Minolta Hexar AF.




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I used to own one about 10 years ago or so, it didn't see enough use, so I've sold it relatively cheap. I've just checked prices on ebay and I've to say, I should have held on to it...


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You aint alone Otse. In the absence of a Leica M6, I'd love a Hexar AF.....nay, I need one! Having said that I am warming to my new toy - the Fuji Klasse S. Though as far as viewfinders go we are talking looking through a toilet roll vs a pin-prick :wink:

Lili, if you ever need to board your camera for a while, then please do consider an Aussie resort for its retreat. I'm certain it would love the sunny climes....:cloud-9-039:
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Well, those images were taken from Eric Kim's blog where he's selling that very Hexar.
1950 bones if you're still eager ;)

For Sale

I'm a bit of a noob, but what is the difference between No. 2 on his list and No. 8 (other than around $1,000)? That it is some sort of limited edition? Is it the same camera for someone who not a "collector"? Not that's I'd buy one. It's lovely, it's just that I'm not a film kinda guy. But I'm curious.

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