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Film Film Camera Repair Channel

Mar 23, 2015
Pretty sure I've posted this elsewhere before but a few more videos are out from the Fix Old Cameras channel - I'm a little surprised by the plastic Minolta gears in the middle video - you could totally imagine stripping those but maybe they're sturdier than they look...

More over here Fix Old Cameras

Still waiting for a Pen F teardown to see where my stuck winder is likely to be. I suspect my lack of manual dexterity & terrible eyesight will actually prevent me fixing the problem but tearing it down might be fun.


Super Moderator
Apr 3, 2013
From first-hand experience: the later manual focus Minolta X series cameras were flimsy. The Pentaprism fit perfectly in a Kodak Retina Reflex-S. "Silver Lining" in there- literally. The silver surfaces of the Retina prisms often separates.

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