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This is difficult to google; what are the things that are included in film labels, other than speed?

White balance? But no online text I found summarises up these cohesively.

Fujifilm Astia 100F, what's the F stand for?
Fujifilm Pro 160C, same thing with the C.
800Z or 400H?!
Kodak 400 VC.

I'm happy to get a search term so I can read about these. :)
Best to pull up the datasheet film by film.

Reading the one above- it's a daylight film that needs to be used with a filter for Tungsten. Not to be confused with Kodachrome type F which is made for Flood lights. Hence the F. Maybe the F stands for Film these days.

"C" is probably for Color. So why don't they call it FC? If they called it CF everyone would try to stick it into a digital camera.

Z and H. I am making this up as I type- because there is no rhyme or reason in marketing.

800Z- Z is for Zoom. Because P&S ZOOM cameras have slower lenses and need faster film. I remember reading this long, long ago in a Pop Photo.

H. 400H. H IS for High Speed. When most color films were ASA 80 and 100, maybe 125: 400 was High Speed.

Now if you had asked about Type A film personalities, those I know about. Keep indoors unless using an Orange Type A filter.

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