Sony Finally a decent 28mm AF for E-mount?

Viltrox apparently published a teaser for a 28mm AF, according to Sony Addict. Can't find the teaser myself, but I'm hoping this is true. Sony's own FE 2/28 is not to my liking, I tried 3 different samples in various shops and I found the pictures looking drab with greyish colors, although sharpness would be good enough for me. I'm getting by with the Sony FE 4-5.6/28-60 but looking forward to a nice 28mm prime with EXIF data.
Hmm. Interesting. The Sony lens ecosystem hasn't exactly been teeming with good 28mm options. Aside from the already mentioned FE 2/28 I don't think there's much anything? The old Sigma ART-series lens from the SLR days is still on sale, but that thing is yuuuge. Having choice is always welcome.

That being said, I'm mostly happy with my copy of the FE 2/28. It's tiny, surprisingly solid and it was relatively cheap. Most of the time I like it's rendering, though admittedly it can lose contrast badly in certain situations. Having choice is always welcome.
I've never had a problem with my FE 2/28. I consider it one of my sharpest lenses. I may not be as picky about color as Ad, but I'm not upset by what it gives me.
As far as focal length, I'm finding I'm more a 24mm type of guy than 28, but it's nice to know it's in my bag if needed.
Interesting to see how this stacks up against Sonys own FE 2/28. Seems to be quite a bit larger, so maybe it is optically superior? That small increase in aperture doesn't alone explain the difference in size. Or at least doesn't justify it.