Fuji Finally got to shoot with the X-Pro1 and 35mm

Now that I have a few things figured out, time to shoot


Outside the feed store is an old wagon filled with flowers

Left the feed store and stopped by the SkyDiving Capitol of the World

Not great light, blazing sun almost straight up

Aperture priority, ISO 200, some provia, some velvia, probably should have tried astia on some of these:


Back lit, no purple fringing, I'm so used to seeing it with the GH2


A little out of the 35mm's range, let's get closer





I was bumping against 4000, had to stop down, wish I had an ND filter for these




This is when I miss an articulating screen

I had my share of fouls ups:

-Having metering set to multi when I should have been on spot

-Missing focus when I fell back on my point and click habit instead of taking my time

-Not being used to such a shallow DOF

-Using the OVF like an EVF, completely ignoring the frame lines

All of the bad shots were on me, not the X-Pro1

Using the OVF was AMAZING, never had one before, it rocks!

I think it's a keeper :)

Thx 4 looking


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First off great selection of colourful images.

Regarding the small images it is because you used the Attachment method which for some reason uses thumbnail size.

Try posting this way - right click on the image and select "Copy image location" from the context menu. Then go to your post and type
so it will look like this:

Amazing colors! Looks like you are happy with the XP1 eh?

Yes, very.

What I am seeing IQ wise vs my GH2 is no more purple fringing, better gradients, more of that 3D pop and isolation and less noise even at low ISO.

It always bugged me that I would see noise in a clear sky on the GH2 even at ISO 160.

I can't see any on the X-Pro1 at ISO 200. I even did a +35 NR in LR4 just to see what would happen and nothing changed, there was nothing for it to smooth out.

The GH2 does have a few advantages, most notably AF speed. It also has an amazing amount of external controls. While I prefer having the external controls on the X-Pro1 for aperture, speed and exposure comp, that clickable wheel works very well when you have your eye planted in the EVF.

That said, the OVF in the X-Pro1 is sooooooooo nice I doubt I will ever use the EVF unless it's something under 5'.

There is a whole list of customizable things from the GH2 that could be added to the X-Pro1 via firmware. Example: The GH2 let's you configure what a half press of the shutter does, just like you can configure the AE/AF lock button. Right now the X-Pro1 locks focus and exposure with a half press, which makes locking focus and recomposing a PITA.

Speaking of the shutter button, it's much nicer on the X-Pro1. The first half press is the same, the second half on the GH2 feels like mush compared to the X-Pro1.

As I said, there is a whole list, I should just do a comparison and be done with it.


I considered the OM-D. I already have the 12mm, 20mm, 45mm primes and the 14-140mm zoom. Wanted the 25mm but it's been back ordered forever.

The 5-axis IS would benefit me as I have an essential tremor on my left side. But that's about it, I doubt it's raw performance would be much better then the GH2. And there is NO WAY it's IQ can touch the X-Pro1, just not technically possible. Plus I feel the high ISO of the X-Pro1 trumps IS for low light, at least if things are moving.

Enough already, probably bored everyone to tears.

Take care


Cotswolds, UK
Great IQ and colours and they display the capability of the XPro-1 a camera I am still pondering.

It is great to see a mix of images from genuine users and certainly helps in the decision making process - thanks for sharing.