Fuji Finally succumbed to an X Pro 1

I admit defeat!! Having swore that I would never get rid of my dSLR (well ok dSLT but same thing - Sony A77 for the record) having shot with my new Ricoh GRD IV and Sigma DP2M I realised how liberating it was to have high quality cameras I could actually carry around most if not all of the time.

That said I like the option to change lenses on a camera every so often and I also like the way an SLR style camera handles if I am doing some landscape work or more formal portraits etc so have always had one. That said the A77 was in danger of getting used less and less.

I don't care whether a camera has a mirror or not or whether it can shoot pink balls of fluff at ISO6400 with no loss of detail to noise but it is important that I like the way it handles and for my workhorse camera this means plenty of manual controls with no dipping in and out of menus and whilst MILC's seemed to fit the bill size-wise the handling just isn't there for me (whatever happened to the term EVIL btw - much better!).

I had always lusted after an X Pro 1 but the price was too high and I have the A77 and not having played with one I didn't realise what a pleasurable camera it was to use. However, with the price in the UK not just £890 and a free 27mm, 35mm or 60mm XF lens I thought I would at least try one. Well, a quick play in my LCS later and I am now the proud owner of one and will part ex my A77. I am impatiently waiting for the 14 days to be up so I can send off for the XF 35mm.

Unfortunately the day after buying the camera I ended up in hospital so haven't had chance to use it in anger but have had a good play with it and am slowly falling in love. The OVF / EVF combination is a killer. Manual focus, press the AF to get there or there abouts, quick click of the control wheel to swap to the EVF to fine tune and then back to the OVF to compose and shoot. Brilliant, never experienced anything like it.

The XF lenses are killer optics too - seriously top drawer. Can't wait to get the 23mm.

Will post some shots once I have some worth sharing but in the meantime any tips would be appreciated...

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