Fuji Finally!


After securing my wife's permission lol, and trying to talk myself out of it, I went ahead and bought an X100! I can't wait! Yay me!

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All I know is that since I recently bought my GRD III I have been having a lot more fun with my photography. Plus this sight has helped a lot in that matter too. I keep going around and around on this JPG/RAW thing but have come to the conclusion similar to pictor. Do it right in the camera first!!!! However, like slide or print film, everything the camera did to make that image is on the film as is the data on a RAW file.

BTW, I hope all of you Americans had a great 4th of July!!!


Thanks everyone. I should receive it later this week. I also ordered the Gariz half case, ACMAXX LCD protector and a few other "essentials". If I won't be buying anymore lenses, I might as well buy accessories lol.


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Yessiree, that's a good screen protector.
I'm using it and really like it...
The case...nah.... but you enjoy it. Get the new 45Mbps card, it makes a difference.


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I really do need to get that screen protector. My little iPhone film is working well, but I know I should go for the full protection. Thanks for the reminder, Don!

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