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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I bought a great soundtrack LP today at the record store. It's very moody and a bit psychedelic. It piqued my curiosity enough that I'd like to see the short film. It doesn't seem to be readily available anywhere that I can find. But perhaps some of you might know a better place to go looking for something like this. An old VHS or Beta is fine.... a DVD or link to an online stream also works. I have no issue paying a reasonable price for a hard copy (if one exists).... free is fine, it may be complete garbage. But I like the soundtrack and I can't stop thinking about it..... the plot sounds pretty good, too.

Film title and some basic facts are present here Viola (1967)


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Jul 11, 2010
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Interesting request. My google-fu is usually pretty strong for obscure films, but this one is rather elusive. All I'm turning up are very brief descriptions.

The director, Dunstan Pereira, appears to have made another movie in 1972 called The Gift. Even less information is available about that one.


I spent some time looking for this. Twice. It's described as a horror film made up of stills.


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Sep 14, 2012
I would have never expected this from Ravi Shankar. Spooky.
Make me wonder about that film too.

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