Ricoh Firmware Update for GRDIII

Coming in October, according to the press release as quoted at DPReview

...The update, due in mid October, is the fifth feature-adding revision for the high-end model and includes several additional features that have come from its GXR and GRD IV cameras. These include the ability to assign an additional option to the 'Adj.' lever and the locking of the power button if the optional new GL-1 metal lens cap is fitted. The company says this will be the final update for the GRD III.

Ricoh adds features with final GR Digital II firmware update: Digital Photography Review
Of course I never remembered to follow up on this. Did anyone else? anyway, the update was released at the end of October. I'm just downloading now.
GR DIGITAL III firmware / Software Downloads / Digital Camera | Ricoh Global

Add the following enhanced features. The detailed information is available in a PDF document.

1 [ISO Auto-High Settings] option
New options are added for ISO [Auto-Hi]. Now the upper limit for ISO sensitivity, and the shutter speed when to switch the ISO sensitivity can be set.
2 New option : [CONTRAST-BKT]
Contrast Bracketing is added in [Auto Bracketing] menu.
3 New ADJ. Lever Setting option : [ADJ. Lever Setting 5]
Number of items that can be assigned to ADJ. Lever is now 5 (from 4 until the previous version).
4 New option for [High-Contrast B & W] : [Vignetting]
When [High-Contrast B & W] scene mode is selected, Vignetting option is now available in the Shooting menu.
5 Supports [GL-1] (optional metal lens cap)
The power button lock function is included for the GL-1 usage. When the GL-1 is attached, the camera will not start up even if the power button is pressed. (However start-up in the Playback mode is available by holding and pressing the Playback button.)

Modified / changed the following items.

1 The displayed text for aperture / shutter speed may be lacking when auto rotating. Modified the display correctly.
2 Improved focus accuracy when Spot AF is used under brightness environment.
3 Corrected the focus-bar display under the following conditions. Aperture Priority mode or Manual Exposure mode for mode dial; [Snap] for Focus; and [1.5 m] for Snap Focus Distance.
4 White Balance Compensation in the Playback mode is now available for JPEG files that are recorded with RAW images.

For anyone who hasn't updated yet... check your version and have at it!

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Same here - kind of nice that it leaves all of your settings in place when you update. A lot of cameras reset everything, but all of my programmed buttons were still programed. And all of the snap focus distances are represented now too - there was no visual distinction between 1.5 and 2.5 meters before...