Fuji First 500px "Popular" Photo!


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Minor in the scheme of things, but it made me smile and I wanted to share with my FujiXSpot friends :)

I got my first ever "Popular" rated photo on 500px, for my shot Moraine Lake that was part of my Canadian Rockies thread here (shot with X-E1 and 14mm lens). I'm nowhere near the front page or anything, but I'm pretty happy to even be in the Popular section at all given the competition at 500px!

Thanks anybody from FujiXSpot that voted, favorited, or commented! :thumbsup:


Moraine Lake by Jay Loden


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Thanks all! Looks like while I was sleeping, my shot climbed up a bit higher too :thumbsup:

My favorite part of photography is sharing it even it means only 1 or 2 other people enjoy it, so this is really fun for me.


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Congratulations, Jay!
Great news and well deserved!
Great composition too.
I think I recognize the spot. I took a photo of my son on those rock back in 2006 on my first trip with the Nikon D200.
Ps: Sorry for missing your post. I have to get better at keeping track of what's going on!

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