Fuji First image of the X-T1. Thoughts?


Jun 30, 2012
Face detection is the way to go for off-center composition for people photos. Makes my life so much easier. Helps when handing the camera to a noob too.
Yeah... I've finally grudgingly started using it on the GH3 (hate leaving the camera to decide where to focus!) and it does have a lot of benefits for some situations. It's let me down a few times but the fact that I can just tap the directional wheel to put it back in directed spot focus means I can get by on the GH3.

Question is, how well did Fuji implement face detection on this go-around? Lots of little details like that I'll be interested to see in the first reviews and hands-on experiences as they appear.

I'm about 85% sold already just from looking at the pics, but I'm not jumping into this one early. I've paid my Fuji early adopter tax a couple of times now already so I'll just sit back and wait on this one :biggrin:


Jun 30, 2012
Doesn't the GH3 allow you to shift the focus point by tracking your finger across the touchscreen, even when you are looking through the viewfinder?
I think so, but I personally don't use that feature to be honest. My screen is 99% of the time swiveled around so the screen is facing inwards to the camera body; I use the screen only when I need an unsual angle. The rest of the time I quite like having the screen tucked away for a number of reasons (keeps me from chimping too much, protects the screen, no hot breath on the screen, etc.)

With regards to using the camera with the grip in portrait orientation like I was talking about, the touchscreen would be particularly ungainly... unless maybe you were selecting the focus point with your tongue, hahaha :p


Jun 30, 2012
Doesn't the GH3 allow you to shift the focus point by tracking your finger across the touchscreen, even when you are looking through the viewfinder?
Just played around with it a bit out of curiosity and yep, sure does. Touch Pad AF is the name of it in the menu if anybody is wondering.

As I said, never played with it really but maybe I'll give it a shot next time I need to direct AF points. It feels weird as heck to do that way, but it's blazing fast. Could be an advantage, as long as I'm shooting horizontal frames.


Mar 10, 2013
I really like the looks of this new Fuji. Not sure I want to join yet another camera system. Although I could use this with adapted lenses exclusively{all my old Nikkors!}. Been tempted by the Fuji X for a year or so but I am not a big fan of the rangefinder style. Since this is an SLR style it is more to my liking. I love the Df and want one bad but the price tag prevents it. Depending on how Fuji prices this I might be able to swing it.


Sep 22, 2010
Boston, MA
I hope, incidentally, that it isn't a touchscreen. It's bad enough that it might be tilty...:(
I can't believe it's taken 4 pages of this thread for someone to mention the flip screen! This is THE NUMBER ONE reason I want this camera. I enjoy shooting from the waist, which is hard to do when the screen faces your belly instead of your eyes ;)

Furthermore, I hope it is a touchscreen! Have you used one? I had the Olympus E-M5 for a month to write a review for mu-43.com and found the touchscreen to be a bit of a revelation. When shooting from the waist, you can use your finger to choose the focus point (instantly! no multi-button pressing!) by tapping anywhere on the screen, and you can also trigger the shutter release if you've set it up that way. Combined with the E-M5's lightning-fast AF this proved a winning combination for street photography. If you shoot on a tripod, being able to choose a focus point with your finger is also helpful (unless you're wearing gloves, in which case you can do it the oldschool way of clicking a bunch of times on a bunch of buttons). It's also nice when on the INFO menu; instead of using the arrow keys to navigate to the setting you want to access (click click click, click, click click, click!), you just tap on it with your finger.

If you hate everything I'm telling you because this new-fangled technology is the work of the devil ;), then keep the flip screen stowed away and disable its touch capabilities. Then both your happiness and mine can coexist simultaneously in a single camera, and my photos will be all the better for it.


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Aug 31, 2011
Touch focus is of course available with the Remote App on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. I haven't seen any rumors mentioning a touch screen in the camera.


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Oct 2, 2013
If the xt1 and new zoom are truly weather resistant it would mean that I'm finally able to switch over completely to Fuji gear. Weather sealing or the lack of it is the main thing that has kept me from selling my other gear off and just going with Fuji. They can't deliver one of these kits to me quickly enough.


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Right, I have ordered ("ordered", please note, not "pre-ordered" :p) one from my local dealer.

Timing is good, specs are good and provided the eventual Sterling price is not insane, it shall be mine. I am first in their queue. I already have "stuff" on eBay as I type, since I was already doing a bit of a rationalisation and raising funding for an X-E2 to replace my X-E1. I should be able to do both in one go if my auctions end auspiciously, if not, the X-E1 will stay a while longer and the XT will join it.

Where I am ending up is this:

X-F1 - briefcase buddy
X-E1/2 - main camera (I like the "rangefinder" form factor for general use)
X-T1 - tele work and inclement weather
X-M1 - backup, and "end cap" to the 27mm


Ricoh GR - still the ultimate balance of flexibility, capability and convenience

N'est pas?


Mar 10, 2013
ARGH! I want one but I just don't want to get into yet another system.

I love the new split view function for manual focus, at least in theory. Only trying it would tell me for sure but it sure looks cool and allows close focusing while still seeing the whole image{very useful up close or with a long lens}. And if I don't like it, there is focus peaking which I have tried and do like.

I wish this is what Nikon had done instead of the Df! I like the Df and want one but this is much better for me and it is in my price range. Sure it is APS instead of FF but I haven't shot FF since I left film. With a speedbooster adapter I could use all my legacy lenses and they would be about the same angle of view{but a stop faster and a bit sharper}.

I wish the native lens selection and prices were better. Worse is that there are no 3rd party lenses for Fuji. Well there are a couple of Zeiss lenses but they are WAY overpriced.


Dec 22, 2010
Hey All,

This could be a dream camera (over my X-E1) - at least until Photokina! :yahoo: I must admit my wagon is "hitched" to the Fuji team and I am steadily investing the money to back it up. I'll probably have to purchase a 70s Fujica just to "prove" my legitimacy! :)


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