Fuji First images with MacPhun's Luminar

Stephen S

East Bay, Northern California
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Stephen Scharf
Just downloaded my copy of Luminar on release yesteday. So, far, I really like it. Here are a few images that I have processed with it.

Here's the original image for comparison; the Grand Tetons from the Snake River overlook, taken with X-T1 and 18-55. A "nice" enough photo, nothing to write home about, and with the light is suboptimal as it is about 9 AM; overall a little flat, though.

Same image with Bi-Color Toning with the "blue" (cooling) and "yellow" (warming) filter in Luminar. I applied the toning so that the blue would come down to the base of the mountains, and then used the yellow to add some warmth to the trees and riverbank in the foreground. I also used a filter mask and lightened the sky a little so it would not be so intensely blue.

Another Luminar image using the Mild Image Enhancer standard preset. I lightened the saturation of the sky also with an Exposure Filter Mask.

A portrait of dancer Shelby Jenkins at Silo City, Buffalo, NY (Urbex workshop I took in September, 2015), X-T1 and 18-55 at f/3.6, 1/60th sec. Here I used the Vignette filter, and reverse selection where I bumped the exposure on Shelby a fraction of an EV. Natural window light illumination.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, south of Half Moon Bay; Mild Image Enhancer at 68%

Sunset at Pigeon Point, Foreground Enhancer at approx. 70%

Overall, I really like it and I fully expect it will become a standard part of my workflow as a plug-in within Lightroom, along with MacPhun's Intensify Pro, Tonality Pro and SnapHeal Pro.

Welcome the gang's input.

Andy Garcia

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Real Name
Andy Whiteman
I've just installed it and will be using it in much the same way as you. I'd hoped to be able to try it as a LR replacement but lens correction is not coming to next year. Some very good examples for me. Thanks for putting this together.

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