Fuji First Impression of X100S


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WOW, the reviewer said AF-C impressed him, and worked great to keep focus on the eyes of a moving child! Could Fuji have finally nailed (no pun intended) the auto focus? I hope so. This is exciting.

Steve B.

I think they are supposed to start shipping here in the US at the end of March or the first part of April. But I bet it's May. I ordered from Adorama within an hour of when they put it up. No word from them yet so I'm guessing it's at least another month or more.


Did they give you an estimated shipping date?!

No. I ordered through a local store as I'm going to trade in my X100 for the X100S with them. I live in Finland (Scandinavia) - not a big "Fuji-country"; so I suspect I'm in for a long wait.

But I'll use my X-E1 in the meantime...

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