Fuji First Outing with the X100F


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Nov 12, 2010
Very nice! Seems to me like you're using the lens well already. I find the 35mm equivalent to be just wide enough to play with perspective, and just tight enough to provide detail and some isolation. There're plenty of times i'd love to have something wider or (significantly) longer, but as a goldilocks focal length, I find it hard to beat.

Do you use the marked dials, or the unmarked front and rear dials on the grip? I know it's sacrilege in Fuji-land, but I can't help to think it's just a more convenient and fast way of changing settings than using top- and lensbased dials with markings. Unless you want to shoot from the hip without looking at the screen to compose, that is...


Jul 26, 2011
It's funny you say that. Coming from the Ricoh GR, I tend to use the unmarked front and rear dials. It's faster and comes more intuitively to me. But it's fast, delivers excellent colour and image quality and a joy to use none the less.

If only the Ricoh would come out with a 28mm 24MP F2 equivalent with a pop-up EVF I'd be all set. I'd screw on the 50MM adapter to the Fuji (strikingly sharp BTW) and leave the 28MM shooting to the Ricoh,, that still blows the Fuji with the 28mm adaptor out of the water.

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