First pictures with x100s in London


Took my x100s out in London on Sunday for the Chinese new year parade, have to say i love the camera - it has smashed all expectation i had of it.
its an absolute joy to use, and the results are awesome - love the colors that come out of the x-trans.

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Chinese New Year 2014 by jmyorston, on Flickr

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Leicester Square by jmyorston, on Flickr

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Chinese New Year Parade by jmyorston, on Flickr

Sorry if you have already seen these pictures in the x-pro vs x100s thread.


It is a great camera and fun to use.
Nice shot of the lady in no.1
Nice set (and colors)! I like the expression on the girl's face.
Thanks for sharing,

thanks, i felt sorry for the girl as people were sticking their cameras in her face so i stopped her and asked if i could take a quick picture - she was happy to oblige and i was chuffed to bits with the result. the picture was developed in camera using the astia simulation mode.

agreed, i really love using it. Haven't yet tried out some of the other features the camera has such as flash fill and the built in nd filter.
The menus are also fairly easy (after coming from the em5!)

Cool. Love the B&W.

Thanks, wasnt sure whether to keep it B+W as the woman has really bright ginger hair!

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