Ricoh First series with the GRD IV


Oct 28, 2011
seattle WA
Hi all.
here's a first series of GRD IV shots i have been taking during these two weeks. it is actually great trying to get used to a small sensor again. i thought i wasn't going to go back to small sensor cameras ... nonsense! sensor size does not matter when it comes to subjects and composition.

i also did a small blahblah about it on my website this morning. sparthphoto - Blog
i'm not a reviewer, just putting my feelings in words for this little beast of a camera. :)



Aug 30, 2010
I like your way of seeing things a lot! Interesting that the images on your blog from your other cameras have a very similar feel to them. Not surprising I suppose, but the fact that you can achieve this with the GRD perhaps shows what a versatile little camera it is.

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Forgot to mention, looks like you live in Belltown - is that Second Ave you look down on? That was my neighborhood about 25 years ago. I was also one of the many people involved in the planning of downtown Bellevue back in the 80's and early 90's. When I visit the area, I try to go take a look at the progress and I'm impressed. It's got a very sparkling new feel, but it works about as well as we could have ever hoped. Lots of people living there now, even some pedestrians!



Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
As you know, I'd already spotted these on Flickr - and immediately fell in love with your umbrella images. The one of your little girl, or the little girl, looking out the window really pulls at my heart. Very thoughtful pictures, sparth.

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
This set proves to me and maybe to others, that it is not the equipment. It is the operator! The equipment does help. As a mechanic I insisted on the best tool I could buy. Cheep tools can destroy a fitting, so that it cannot be used.

I love this set. The first is the worst , but, it is also the best. It draws you into her world .


Oct 28, 2011
seattle WA
thank you all for the kind comments.
i'm still having lots of fun with the GRDIV, to the point of thinking it might be the best camera i have ever had concerning the fun factor, responsiveness, etc.
i was going around in the fog this morning in Kirkland WA, both with my m9 and my GRDIV. basically, let's say i feel shameful having taken three shots with the m9, no matter how much i love it!
but the ricoh is just too fun, too perfect.
also started to experiment with the high contrast mode. i'm getting used to it. at first i thought it was a bit extreme, but for daytime usage, it does appear like a great option.

here's a second series of images done these last days. i rarely post process a lot on the shots. it's a bit like if they were perfect the way they were. first one is done with the High contrast mode. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 are all bleach bypass cold. 6 is bleach bypass, but post processed and desaturated afterwards.



Oct 12, 2011
I really like that last shot with the four pedestrians - the light & colour is spot on. I would probably opt to process the DNG file in Lightroom 3 rather than use an in-camera jpeg but I would like to be able to get colours like this.


Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2010
loved your first set as soon as I saw it on your website, I also enjoyed reading your thoughts about the camera. Second set is really nice as well, I like how the bleach bypass still leaves enough colour intact to keep the scene believable, while still giving it a very distinct mood.

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