Samsung first snow with my Samsung TL500/EX1

Laurel, MD
We got our first snow of the season overnight, and I upgraded to Lightroom 3 from Lightroom 2 so I thought it would make for a good day for a walk downtown with my Samsung TL500. All of these were shot in RAW and processed with Lightroom 3.


first snow by eye of wally, on Flickr


SAM_1290 by eye of wally, on Flickr


SAM_1291 by eye of wally, on Flickr


SAM_1271 by eye of wally, on Flickr

and of course I had to end my day with a piece of cheese cake and a cup of coffee at the local coffe shop :)


SAM_1286 by eye of wally, on Flickr

thanks for looking you can see more on my flickr page


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Wally you're ahead of us here where I live with that first snow, although it felt cold enough for it earlier today. Congrats on LR3, too, by the way.

My favorite is the one with the footprints. That said, I really am enjoying each one as I keep going back to them. How interesting to catch the window dressers painting on the inside - both a great shots for obvious reasons. That cheesecake and coffee sounds about perfect to me, too. Dinner isn't for a while...maybe a piece of pumpkin pie will suffice? ;-)

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