First Test Video with Yi 4k Action Camera + DJI Osmo Gimbal

Feb 6, 2015
Central Ohio, USA
I like to stress test my new gear a little when I first get it. See what it is capable of doing at the extremes to see what limits I have to constrain myself to when using it.

So, for less than half the price of a GoPro Hero 6, I bought a Yi 4k Action Camera with waterproof housing. I already had the DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal for smartphones and found for $20 an EVO Gimbal adapter that allows actin cameras to be mounted on the DJI Osmo.

Links provided above so you can see the exact gear I'm referencing.

I threw in a 64GB Sandisk microSD. My playground? The National Museum of the United Stated Airforce.

I started out in 1080p 30fps. I want to see what the camera is capable of in every mode. I will test the 120fps some time in the future as well as running a full set of 4k 30fps tests.

  • They allow and encourage photography and videography for personal usage.
  • Target rich environment (4 airplane hangers filled with stuff!)
  • Varying lighting conditions. From incandescent, sodium vapor, fluorescent, and LED lighting allow me to test the color balance.
  • Dramatic, theatrical lighting tests the dynamic range and metering of the camera.
  • Spot lights allow me to test the flair of the lens/sensor combination.
  • Different areas allow for differing perspectives so I can test the IQ while moving. How bad is rolling shutter? how well does the camera work in conjunction with the gimbal and adapter plate while walking, panning, zooming and climbing stairs.
Another why? Why am I sharing?
Yes, another "gear" review...but I like to see real world tests and I'm betting others do as well. To me, seeing what something can actually do is much better than deciphering numbers from charts and graphs.

I hope this helps someone.

The video is roughly 10min long, but feel free to skip about. I did process the clips through Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and post to Youtube. Did basic exposure adjustments and added a little sharpening.

My opinion. I thought the camera did very well given the circumstances. I do plan on using the camera in better lighting and will most likely produce another video.

If anyone has any additional questions about the camera, please feel free to ask about in this thread.

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