Sony First week impression with the Sony A7R review


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Mar 11, 2014
Hi all, I just joined up today (after lurking for a while reading up on all the helpful info!) and thought it's about time to join and share back.

I bought the Sony A7R on launch day here in Hong Kong and have been using it since. I will write up a 6 months update come time but I thought I would share my first week review for those that are considering this little thing.

Enjoy and feedback always welcome :)


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May 7, 2011
Your link shows RX1. Nice photos. You can also post your A7R photos here before your review:)


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Mar 11, 2014
Is that pollution?
Yes, you would be correct although it is more pronounced with the lens combination I shot with (Zeiss C Sonnar). I took a shot of the same scene with an X-E1 and XF14mm lens and it appears much clearer and crisper.

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