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I recently picked up a new fully manual lens, Minolta 70-150mm, but have not felt comfortable taking pictures on it due to my inexperience.

I decided to spend some time and capture pics of my rapidly moving fish. My focus was to practice with the lens, so some of the pics have glare and not properly lit, but that was not my focus. I wanted to get used to the functions of my lens.

I had it set in the "P" setting with the ISO set at 1600, the focus set at spot and the camera set up at vivid.

Here are some of the better shots:





Messed with the aperture a bit as welland got a couple of great shots:



(my favorite of the whole bunch)

See the rest of the pics here:
photos NEX-3: Fish in the tank
better shots

So after a few suggestions, (thanks guys), I retook a bunch of pics of the fish. This time instead of using ambient outside light, I turned the hood light on and turned off all of the inside lights.

Same setup as before. 70-150mm set at 1600ISO. Still a tough subject to shoot, and probably not the best lens to do it with, but fun nonethless. See all of the pics here:
photos NEX-3: better fish shots





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Dave, I've moved your thread into the Photographic Techniques forum because it is the best place for discussions about how to improve our photographs and/or figure out better ways of going about approaching subjects, etc....and for practicing kinds of threads, all of which are very helpful.

I'd think that shooting through the glass of your aquarium would be quite the challenge but made even more of one by the fact that those little guys aren't going to hold still!


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I have african cichlids. It is a pain to try and take pictures of them. They move fast and the AF will always focus on the glass instead of the fish. One way to slow them down is to try and take photos shortly after feeding.
nice tips

Nice suggestions Djarum. The first time I had the filter and bubbles running and that accounts for some of the first set being unclean.

The second time I waiting about twenty minutes after feeding, and all of the accessories were off. Much better shooting.


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Hi Dave,
Great shots and I like the second posted pictures most.
Wish I could have lovely aquarium like yours. Do share more pictures of your aquarium please.

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