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Just some stairs...

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The Cronquist House in Red Deer, Alberta.

This was originally located the other side of the river but was moved to it's current location in the early 80's by building a ramp down to the river and making an gravel/ice bridge over the river then hauling it into it's current location. Now it is used as a tea house / restaurant and holding events there. Last night we had a 5 course Victorian Christmas meal there which was most enjoyable.

It sits in a park area with large lake for boating/skating and an outdoor stage for hosting performances.

1st dec 2023 cronquist house.jpg
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We were looking back at you yesterday evening :) One of our favorite evening walks is up the lower slopes of that bump center horizon. Didn't bring my camera and I usually use a zoom anyway so OT, Here is a link to a previous walk. Mt Douglas is the bump just below right of the sun.
Ah, that's great! :) We were trying to figure out the geography - but it was too hazy to see any of the "big markers" (Mt Rainier or Mt Baker)...
Looking at the map we're always surprised how far south Victoria actually is - halfway down to Seattle almost... :)

Lovely photo - what a wonderful evening walk!
There are times when I miss the LX7... such a great little camera.
But its replacement, the Fuji X30, is an equally great camera, for all kinds of images. Including this one of Don José, a local farmer who mowed our hay field, and then expounded on his philosophy of life.

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