Micro 4/3 Fixed lens small sensor versus M43


Another entertaining video from DigitalRev features an in-house punch up between the Panny LX5 v Panny GF3



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back to where we started, (with M43) - still unbeatable as an all round "package" - size, IQ, portability, ISO performance, lens interchangeability, (some) lens and the use of old "legacy" glass - plus the swivel screen on the Panasonic

I still use the G1 and EP-1 so cannot comment on the newer models - (but my main criticism is the UI - if only it were like my D300 or even my M8, I would be happier)


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My thoughts on this:

I've been using an e-p1 for a while now, almost 2 years. I picked up a e-pl2 on a clearance deal. Cheaper than the going price of the LX5. The better half asked me why I did that, since I had been looking at supplementing my E-P1 with an X2-1 or LX5 (or even the Fuji X10). I use the kit zoom about 60-70 percent of the time on my E-P1. The 17mm the other 20 percent, and the 40-150 anotehr 10-15 percent. To the point I suppose is that, if a user just wants to use the kit zoom on a mFT camera, I think they'd be better off buying an Xz-1 or LX5. The lens on these cameras are fast enough to make up the ISO stop difference in terms of noise. The mFT will give better dynamic range, but I don't know if the jpeg shooter(like myself) would notice the difference. For myself, it just comes down to the other advantages that mFT, or more precisely, the E-pl2 has over the advanced compacts. Even if I did keep the kit lens on most of the time, there are more things I like about it over the LX5 , XZ-1 , s95.

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