Fixed vs detachable EVFs


I know people have their preferences for built-in or detachable EVFs, but I've come to really appreciate the detachable kind. Yes, they are bulbous and a bit clumsy to deal with, but being able to swivel it 90 degrees has been immensely useful. I have the new Olympus EP3 and 24mm lens and with that wide a lens I often have it lower down and try to keep it level in both directions. Being able to look straight down into the EVF perfectly facilitates this.

To me, swiveling LCDs serve a similar purpose but they are not the same. I still prefer to frame through the VF. I find it to be a more intimate connection to the image (and it helps with stability).

Downsides, I cannot use the EVF and external flash at the same time. But it is rare that I ever use flash. Still, an important consideration.

The choice of EVF type comes down to personal preference. I'd be curious to hear why others prefer one type or the other.


I have had both (and E-PL1 with VF2 and currently a G2 with built-in EVF and swivel screen). I find the combination of the built-in EVF and the swivel screen suits my needs best. I like to shoot at odd angles (sometimes very low or high) and the swivel makes that possible without contortions.


I cannot use the EVF and external flash at the same time.

With the new touch screen and built-in flash, E-P3 presents far fewer compromises than the E-P2. For example, I like the fact that I can keep the VF on and still use either built-in flash (fill) or trigger an external flash.

I have found that even with my bad close vision, the OLED is now good enough so that the VF is not always necessary anyway.


I have the G1 and E-PL1. I like the compact size of the E-PL1 and I bet its size has something to do with not having a built in EVF. As such, I prefer the detachable EVF. I really like the tilt feature which brings back waist level shooting back into mainstream.

My only major complaint against the detachable EVFs is that they use the hot-shoe which prevents the use of EVF and my flashes simultaneously. IMO, I think Olympus was being lazy from a design point. They were being nostalgic and feeding off of the age old rangefinders that used the shoe to mount viewfinders. They could have been a lot more innovative when it comes to how the EVF attached to the camera.

PS> If you have the EVF tilted up shooting waist level, watch that popup flash! Sucker can blind your left eye if you shoot with your right.