Several different scenes on several different days, but all of flags:

I really love the storm cloud filled pics, but unfortunately the American flag was wrapped around the pole! Kind of ruined a great series of shots:



The sun was setting at the Fountain Hills park memorial park and I grabbed a couple of shots of the ststue saluting the flags.



(not very clear, will have to reshot these later)

See all the pics here: photos NEX-3: Flags


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Dave, I can see why you took these - the dramatic colors, those wonderful clouds and the bronze sculpture of the old soldier standing and saluting. You're fortunate to live nearby, I think, so that you can go back and perhaps do a series? I think revisiting places that call out to us is a good thing to do. Heck, I take photographs of the same scenes all the time because even though the location doesn't change the appearance and feelings do, for me.

The lighting in your first shot plays up the Arizona state flag's emblem beautifully.

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