Leica FlashAir with Leica X series

West Palm Beach, Florida
David H Dennis
Has anyone tried the Toshiba FlashAir memory card with any Leica for which it's compatible?

What I'm learning is that a lot of the time I want to have my X-U underwater, but don't want to join it there. For example, if I'm on my kayak in a lake, I want to hold the camera underwater. If I join it, I stir up a lot of dirt and algae, ruining the picture taking environment. I'm thinking that if the FlashAir would offer any kind of remote viewing or picture taking, it might be better than the alternative.

Has anyone tried it? How well does it work? Is it integrated in any way with Live View or does it just let us offload pictures?

What I'd really like to know is whether I could see the pictures I've taken underwater with the X-U on my iPhone in my kayak. Alas, I think I am still one of the very rare souls who has actually taken an X-U underwater, so an answer is unlikely to be forthcoming!

Seriously, thanks for any info :).