Documentary Flea Markets, Odds and Ends, Bric-a-Brac

Irene McC

There is an age-old tradition of flea markets all over the world and my hometown is no exception.
The most enduring used goods market in Cape Town is the Milnerton market, which operates on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
There you can find anything from the sublime to the ridiculous (although generally leaning towards the latter!)

I'd like to start this thread for weird and wonderful objects, interesting bits and bobs and amusing juxtapositions you may find in your strolls through markets, car boot sales and garage sales - please add your images!

WB_FUJY3098 Dice and beads in box.jpg
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Can you lend a hand?

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What are their prices like and is there any type of warranty?
Going by my experience with flea markets in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, there hardly ever is such a thing as guarantee. Sometimes regular shops have a booth at a flea market and they could offer some kind of warranty, but they usually sell things like new-old-stock bags, old lenses with or without defects, broken cameras etc.

So it's simple: you buy, you check and you pay, and that's it. I used to buy lenses and analog cameras at photographica fairs and other markets, and I bought the occasional dud because I didn't check carefully enough. It's all in the game.