flickr and forced yahoo account-ness...


O.* Gonzo's & Bentley's Dad
Jun 5, 2012
Austin, TX
omg, i was FINE with all the stuff everyone else in the world HATED about you flickr/yahoo
but now .... THIS... ?!
forcing me to make a yahoo account instead of loggin in via my google???


and... i go thru the steps.. and make a stupid yahoo account(btw, it wouldnt let me make "" fyi) and it takes me to login screen, and tells me that theres no such account.

*throws hands in air*

im just going to print everything and mail copies to everyone...


feel free to draw lil yellow stars on yer favs, and flip them over for a handy blank surface to write comments on...


Jul 8, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
Chris Leskovsek
yeah yahoo-flickr is really screwing up everything about the service. Im kinda hating it almost thinking of leaving the service for all this troubles. what happened with "If its not broke dont fix it"


Hall of Famer
Jun 20, 2012
Hood River, OR
My wife tried to log in to the business account on flickr last night for the first time (normally I do it) and within 10 seconds was yelling at Yahoo. They're royally f@ckng this up.


O.* Gonzo's & Bentley's Dad
Jun 5, 2012
Austin, TX
i could still do it too, but i had this big thingy at the top of my screen saying NOT FOR LONG SUCKA!!!! YOU BEST SIGN UP FOR YAHOO OR YOU ARE &*^&%$%#^&*!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

*the evil laugh may be an exaggeration.. but i DOUBT it! ;)

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